We are a new industry in your community and we know that means we need to work hard to make sure our project brings as many benefits as possible

Our power plant is a new industry in your community and we know that means we need to work hard to make sure our project brings as many benefits as possible so that we can become good neighbours.

We hope that now our Energy Plant is up and running we are continuing to build a positive relationship with you and everyone who lives or works in the area. We will continue to do our best to be mindful neighbours and endeavor to continue to bring real and positive benefits to your community.

One of the joys of developing a project such as ours is that we know the positive impact it can have on employment in the local area. We are very pleased to have employed the vast majority of our workforce from the local community and couldn’t have asked for a better team. Together, we are working hard to ensure as much clean, green energy as possible is delivered into the national grid and then to homes across our region.

We know that our Energy Plant is also an excellent educational resource so we continue to welcome schools, colleges, universities and interested groups on tours of the facility. If you think that your group would be interested in finding out more about how our Energy Plant operates, the biomass fuels we use, or any other part of what we do, then please do let us know and we will do our best to welcome you.

As a new business our activity also has knock-on effects as we and our team make use of local businesses like catering, office supplies, construction materials, taxis and accommodation as well as buying our straw from local and regional producers – all of which supports the local economy.

With thanks to the efforts of the Snetterton parish council we are pleased to say that together we have brought improved broadband to Snetterton. There has been no need to find the funding to erect a mast as our chimney has stepped into the breach with the broadband transmitter being located at the top. We hope this is bringing much faster broadband to everyone, including businesses in the local area, including those of you who work from home.

We are really enjoying being part of your community and building a positive relationship with everyone who lives and works here. It is really important to us that we are always mindful that we are your neighbours and we will strive to ensure we bring real benefits to you and your community. As part of this commitment we will communicate what we are doing and why, and we will work to identify opportunities for and benefits to our surrounding local community. We also need you to talk to us and let us know what we are doing well and what we could improve, we do try to, but might not get everything right first time, however we are truly committed to working with you. So any questions or queries you may have, any comments or congratulations please do let us know.